Norma Enders


Norma Enders
4/28/1943 – 4/26/2014

My husband and I are donors. When I told my sister Norma Enders about what we planned, she was so impressed and wanted to be a donor also. She passed away April 26, 2014, and went to be with the Lord. You came and got her here in Mountain Home, AR. You all were so wonderful. You even let us keep her overnight at the funeral home so her son and daughter could travel here to say a last goodbye to her. Thank you for that.

Norma, there are just no words to tell you how much we love and miss you every day. Your family was everything to you and you were everything to them. When you left, there is a big hole there now that cannot be filled. But one day we will see you again. I know you are seeing Mama, Daddy, and Dottie and there is no more pain in your body. I am so glad for that.

We think of you in everything. Your love for your grandkids was unbelievable. I know how badly you wanted to see your first grandbaby. She is beautiful and they named her Nevaeh, heaven spelled backward. Tracie is a great grandma. You would be so proud of her, as always. Tracie misses you more than words can say. She misses her Mama.

We are coming and will see you one day. I was holding you when you passed and I told you that. I hope you heard me. We love you, Norma.

Your Sister, Sue Bryant, and the rest of your family. We love you!!!!!