Billie Raye Chandler

Billie Raye Chandler (Laws)

Billie Raye Chandler (Laws)
November 18, 1951 – April 18, 2016

Billie was, is and always will be for those who knew her strong, a devoted Catholic, animal lover, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother and aunt who passed away peacefully, surrounded by loving family after a short four month battle with cancer.

She never cared for material things and with her, family always came first (including her beloved cats and bloodhound Duke who preceded her in death).

Mom loved, admired and followed TV shows and movies religiously. She could tell you who was in what movie or show and sometimes even recall what they wore. She was a huge fan of John Wayne and her personality was a little “Rooster Cogburn” with a huge dash of love and empathy.

Mom loved solitude and solitaire. She loved Arizona where we had lived years before. Mom also loved the Native American culture and was so unique of a person that she broke into a Pow Wow dance on meeting my wife. She was amazing.

Her life was spent giving, ensuring that others never went without often ignoring her own discomforts, going so far as to medicate cancer pain with mere Excedrin in the months leading to her diagnosis. It’s so befitting that she donated herself to the advancement of science to help others.

Her absence has left a loving void that could never be filled but knowing that she is still giving ensures her legacy will continue for a long time to come.

A Sincerely Proud Son