Wall of Remembrance

Without our Genesis gift donors, the groundbreaking medical education, training and research conducted at the MERI would not be possible.

We believe donating one’s body to science is a tremendous gift and enduring legacy, reflecting an extraordinary commitment to life and to the well-being of others. We at the MERI and the Genesis program remain extremely grateful for the wonderfully selfless nature of our donors and their most precious gift of life.


If you would like to post a remembrance of a Genesis donor please contact us:

By E-mail: genesis@meri.org
By Fax: (901) 722-9392
By Mail:
Genesis Donor Program
Medical Education & Research Institute
44 South Cleveland
Memphis, TN 38104

Jean McKee Walsh

Jean McKee Walsh, 69, passed away Saturday, June 18, 2016, in Memphis, due to complications from surgery. Her beautiful soul now sings alto in the heavenly choir. She was born in Memphis on August 8, 1946, to the late Charles Claiborne McKee and Era Belle Marshall McKee. She graduated from Kingsbury High School (1964), and […]

Billie Raye Chandler

Billie was, is and always will be for those who knew her strong, a devoted Catholic, animal lover, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother and aunt who passed away peacefully, surrounded by loving family after a short four month battle with cancer. She never cared for material things and with her, family always came first (including her beloved cats and bloodhound Duke who preceded […]

Mary Green Thomas

December 23, 1941 – October 3, 2015 – Mary Elizabeth Green Thomas, age 73, nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, and caregiver, passed away in her native Huntsville, AL. She was the first of eight children born to the late Deacon George W. and Mother Lela V. Green. A 1959 graduate of William H. Councill High School and […]

Tom Brownlee

Tom Brownlee was a true Southern gentleman, who above all else, was a true Christian.  He loved and served his Lord daily.  He taught an adult Sunday School class for over 50 years, sang in the church choir, and was a former deacon of his church.  He was a printer by trade in his hometown […]

Terri Mae Hall

Terri was a vivacious woman and born a natural giver. She lived for her family. She sacrificed so much to make sure her son had the best life she could give as well as others close to her. Terri was funny and could beat anyone to the punch line. It was impossible to be around […]

Lloyd Monroe Raiford III

Lloyd loved the outdoors, fishing, sitting on the back porch with friends, and telling jokes so long and involved you’d be at the edge of your seat listening… and then the punchline came. He was quick to help where he saw a need, didn’t pull punches when he thought you needed the truth, worked hard, and loved his wife and kids. When […]

Norma Enders

My husband and I are donors. When I told my sister Norma Enders about what we planned, she was so impressed and wanted to be a donor also. She passed away April 26, 2014, and went to be with the Lord. You came and got her here in Mountain Home, AR. You all were so […]

Diana G. Wilson

Diana, you have always been the glue that held our home together for as long as I can remember. You loved each one of us (family and friends) as only “you” could love. Now, as we grow in peace, after the shock of losing you, let us accept that you are well and happy. Even […]

Nguyễn Thế Tiến

Nguyễn Thế Tiến 28-02-1954 Ly biệt Đêm nay nhiều gió lạnh lòng quá. Trái tim rỉ máu khóc bạn đời. Bao năm buồn vui cùng nhau trải. Giờ Anh vô tình bỏ cuộc chơi. Đêm dài nhìn trăng đếm cô đơn . Thời gian ngừng trôi lòng hiu quạnh . Trần gian có thể hiểu […]

Carol Jo Woods

My mother-in-law, Carol Jo Woods, passed away on 8/13/2013. She had been ill since the beginning of this year 2013. She had a stroke and never recovered from it. Her whole family loved her very much. She is survived by her husband of over 55 years, Bobby Lee Woods; four sons, Pete, Micheal, Chad and Bo Woods; […]